Dr. Bonnie Carlson, RN, ND, PhD is a physician of Naturopathic and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Carlson is also a botanical pharmacologist who has been in practice for over 28 years. She began working in the medical field as a Registered Nurse, then became a therapist and eventually an alternative medicine physician. She also founded, owned and operated two chronic pain rehabilitation clinics. Dr. Carlson specializes in natural drug-free therapies and preventative medicine. She individualizes her therapeutic approach for each patient by first administering a BioElectric exam based on Chinese Medicine that analyzes all the systems of the body to determine the root of health problems. Then she uses various modalities from clinical nutrition, whole body reflex therapy, Therese C. Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, Restorative Neuromuscular Therapy, Iridology and the medicinal use of herbs and botanicals for healing the body Temple.


The medicine practiced today is allopathic which means it is "disease focused" using treatment that utilizes drugs and surgery. Dr. Carlson believes the emphasis should be on preventative and restorative medicine that works with the bodies own recuperative abilities.

When we provide our body with the natural elements it needs, it will heal itself. This is why proper diet and lifestyle is critical for health restoration.

To achieve better results in helping patients recover their health, Dr. Carlson spent years researching and studying herbal, botanical and natural medicine. By 1990 she had established a unique proprietary formula...COME ALIVE Whole Body Tonic that has helped reverse some of the most difficult and stubborn degenerative disease conditions.

Dr. Carlson and many forward-thinking, cutting-edge physicians today concur with Dr. J. Knowles who correctly stated....

"The next great advance in the health of the American people will not come from the laboratories or hospital. . . .but from what people learn to do for themselves."


We are a nation of starving people--starving for want of the original, life-sustaining elements from nature that are now largely lacking in our foods. Our soils are depleted. Our food is overly processed, genetically modified, filled with with toxic chemicals and preservatives that changes food from a beneficial substance to an essentially non-nutritive, toxic substance. When vital nutrients are missing or non-existent in our food, this creates deficiencies in our body which makes it difficult to obtain high-level wellness.

Few people today are living up to their potential because we do not live on natural, fresh, organic LIVING, BREATHING foods from nature. Nature´s medicinal herbal plant foods from the botanical kingdom are seldom, if ever, incorporated into our modern-day menus of fast food and highly processed food.

COME ALIVE Whole Body Tonic was formulated to supply these vital missing nutritive elements. Each carefully selected ingredient in COME ALIVE has been specifically chosen to assist the body towards health and healing. Once given the proper tools, it is our own body that intelligently restores itself back to health and vitality.

COME ALIVE´S unique high quality botanicals supply the body with many key missing elements needed to promote health and vitality. This is the phenomenal power in COME ALIVE´S natural medicine chest. This accounts for COME ALIVE´S exciting success in reversing numerous acute and chronic health problems when nothing else has helped. This is why COME ALIVE is rated in the top 10% of all the health drinks manufactured. The reason COME ALIVE is so successful is because IT WORKS!


Toxic sludge and "gunk" that lodge in any area of the body can contribute to disease and especially cancer. Stored gunk or toxic waste disrupts the flow of blood and lymph, impedes the flow of electrical currents that creates pain, numbness and restriction of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Cleansing the body of stored toxic waste matter is essential in achieving excellent health.

The poisons we take in on a daily basis plus the excess waste products of metabolism that collect and become stored throughout the body contribute to inflammation, cell proliferation and pathologic overgrowth of tissue. In turn, this can lead to both benign and malignant tumor formation that often interrupts the normal functioning of an organ or system of the body.

To cleanse the body, requires detoxifying at the cellular level. We need to be patient with our body as it works to dissolve years of waste products of metabolism and gunk that accumulates in our tissues interfering with the proper functioning of our body.

The unique formula of COME ALIVE Whole Body Tonic has literally worked miracles in people´s lives often saving patients from needless expensive surgery and chronic prescription drug use.


The testimonies reported by COME ALIVE users are phenomenal! They report amazing recoveries from various health problems. Many testified they no longer have arthritic pain and swelling, prostate cancer was resolved, and depression was eliminated.

Cases of psoriasis completely cleared up. Bowel and urinary problems normalized. Growths and tumors dissolved; gray hair returned to its original color; aches and pains disappeared. Restless legs, "Charlie horse" cramps, acid reflux, anemia and bronchitis were no more.

Migraines were gone; chronic depression lifted; insomnia became a thing of the past. Energy levels increased. Their whole outlook on life changed. They became cheerful and optimistic and looked forward to each day with an increased sense of well-being.

Almost everyone reported how their health had improved and that they felt they were literally "coming alive!"

These are just some of the amazing results people have experienced from COME ALIVE Whole Body Tonic with its essential life-giving nutrients and healing properties.

Our goal is to make COME ALIVE available to all who have a desire to regain their health and wellness that contributes to a long, productive, healthy and happy life.


Nature has given us everything we need to stay healthy. It is up to us to take advantage of one of the most amazing, safe and effective formulas ever produced from nature´s pharmacy--formulated for your health and healing.

"A healthy body is the guest chamber of the soul; a sick, its prison."

-Francis Bacon


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